Rashid Latif on Spot/Match Fixing

Rashid Latif who has a been a vocal opponent of match fixing for many many years shares his thoughts on the latest incident. Read more about it @ Who is the real cheat in spot-fixing saga?

Some interesting quotes from the above (especially about the involvement of some ICC officials),

In my whole playing career, I witnessed such incidents many a times and I can recall at least two occasions where Mazhar Mehmood was involved.

Later, also in 2000, Mazhar Mehmood tried to trick Saleem Malik into a shady deal but again the former captain became his saviour and Malik cancelled the second meeting with Mazhar Mehmood.

In the first meeting with Malik and Mazher Mehmood, Malik disclosed about some ICC officials being also involved in the dirty business of match-fixing. It was described as a cautious operation where normally, at first, they would ask players not to loose a match but do a bit of spot-fixing such as delivering deliberate ‘no’ or ‘wide’ balls, but in the next phase players are pushed for fixing matches also.

It is widely believed that only the Pakistani players are involved in this practice. But I have seen it all very closely and I can easily say that players from almost every country are into ‘spot fixing’.

My philosophy is to make an example out of a person who enjoys public sympathies the most. If I have to award the punishment to Aamir (if he is found guilty) then apart from imposing a life ban, I would award him a two-year jail sentence too because, as compared to Salman and Asif, the harsh sentence to Amir would send a very powerful signal to other players.

I would urge Salman to apologise to the cricketing world and his countrymen and reveal whatever he knows about fixing. He should not hesitate in taking names of the past and current players involved in the malpractice. This move from Salman will ultimately benefit cricket and the ICC and will, perhaps, rid the game of the menace to a large extent.

And I am not talking about Pakistan only. Salman should also expose any wrongdoing that he witnessed elsewhere, especially in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

To be concluded

Update: Part 2 @ Who is the real cheat in spot-fixing saga? — Part II


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