Human Being, Pakistani, Muslim …

“I have a responsibility as a human being, as a Pakistani, a Muslim,” he said on Sunday. “I never thought about keeping the money.”

A hotel employee working in Serena Hotel located in picturesque Gilgit, Pakistan is the one who gave the above statement. Essa Khan who has worked at the hotel for 20 years and supports his family on a modest pay came upon $50,000 while inspecting a recently vacated room. What did he do? He turned in all of the money, and the money was then returned to the Japanese NGO worker who had stayed in the room. Read about it @
Pakistani hotel cleaner returns $50,000 in cash left behind by forgetful guest

Cleaner wins acclaim after handing in $50,000 cash

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The hotel has given Mr Khan a 10,000-rupee (£77) reward for his honesty.

But his general manager said his actions deserved wider recognition.

“In these economic conditions, and in a region of poverty, we should be very, very proud of people like this,” said Mr Uddin.

“My duty with the hotel and my family upbringing teaches me nothing else,” he said.”Times are hard for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we should start stealing and taking things which do not belong to us.””I want people around the world to know that there are many good people in Pakistan – everybody is not a terrorist here.”

Hotel manager Rajid Uddin told the BBC there had been similar instances where lost items had been returned, but none “on this magnitude”.

Interestingly the news articles also mention Salman Taseer and other politicians. Ironic, isn’t it? On the one hand you have people like Essa Khan, a father of five, living modestly and with every temptation to take the money. On the other hand, there are the politicians living in luxury off taxpayer money and even not content on those self appointed perks, they rob, steal, embezzle money to the tune of not hundreds, thousands, millions BUT billions of dollars. Maybe instead of getting their pictures taken, giving sound bytes and working on their political images; these politicians should try to follow the example and character of Essa Khan. How about returning the billions of dollars in ill gotten wealth back to the Pakistani people? How about following the example of honesty set by Essa Khan? How about stopping their stealing thieving ways?

As for Essa Khan, GOD will Insha’Allah (God Willing) reward him for his good deeds in this world and the next many times increased. These values of honesty and uprightness are what Islam teaches. Congratulations to Pakistan, congratulations to the soil of Gilgit that it still has people of such character. There are many more honest people in our midst, in our society, in our country, in our world whose honesty may not make it to the media, but God knows of their good deeds.


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