India’s “fascination?” with Hitler — “Dear Friend Hitler”

“Dear Friend Hitler”. Provocative words. Who could possibly utter these words? The Nazis? Not quite. It is the Indians. While the power of media paints a picture of mystery and modernity, the reality is far different from that portrayal. The software houses, the glamour of films, the oft repeated announcement of “world’s biggest democracy” (never mind if it isn’t true), they are a few drops of the scene, not the entire canvas. There is also a fascist racist undercurrent running through the country manifested most notably in right wing parties as BJP, RSS etc. (though not limited to them). Massacres of muslims and christians from time to time serve as grim reminders that this is all too real. Of course, given the economic interests in courting huge market like India ensures that Western and World powers shy away from calling on India to rid itself of this extremist current coursing through its veins.

“Dear Friend Hitler” is the name of an upcoming film being made in India. Such a film anywhere in the world especially if it came from a muslim country would have sparked outrage. A huge campaign of religious vilification would have poured out. What of israel, which uses the charge of anti-semitism to divert world opinion from the reality of its murderous, illegal and immoral acts of occupation? Well, India is the biggest buyer of israel’s weaponry to the tune of billions of dollars, and has emerged as a satellite state of israel in the region. Ironic, ain’t it? A country which is so fascinated by Hitler is a close friend and partner of israel.

Just google india and hitler and learn a few things.
More on this in an Associated Press article @
Hitler film exposes India’s interest in dictator

Here, Hitler is not viewed as the personification of evil, but with an attitude of morally ambiguous fascination. He is seen as a management guru — akin to Machiavelli or Sun Tzu — by business students, and an object of wonder by people craving order amid the chaos of India.

A few years ago a restaurant named Hitler’s Cross opened in the suburbs of Mumbai complete with posters of the dictator and swastikas for decor. Protests from Jewish groups forced the owners to change the name to The Cross Cafe.

A home furnishings company was forced to withdraw a line of bedspreads called NAZI amid similar complaints.

“Mein Kampf,” Hitler’s semi-autobiographical book outlining his anti-Semitic ideology, sells thousands of copies a year in the upmarket, air-conditioned bookstores of New Delhi.

The Hindu Nationalist organizations such as BJP and RSS are dedicated to pogroms just like the Nazis. Of course, the world powers can’t afford to offend a major market as India, while the people of the world are ignorant of the hatred brewing. India’s fascination with Hitler is neither accidental nor coincidental. Just like the Hitler Youth being brainwashed and prepared for the Fatherland, Indian youth are swarming to an ideology based on ethnic and racial lines. The ethnic cleansing and mass murders perpetrated by Hitler and the Nazis are ‘fascinating’ templates for those who hope to fashion indian youth & society into a similar body of ‘efficiency’ and ‘organization’. Hindutva ideals with fascism undertones calling for the creation of Greater India, for the purity of the Hindu Motherland to be restored by destroying communities such as muslims, christians, … anyone who doesn’t fit into the new Hindu landscape. The methods, ideas, and execution of those ideals by Hitler serve as an experiment that the echelon of Indian right-wing hope can be improved upon. The question is: Does the world know? And even if it does come to know of the blood red clouds on the horizon, DOES THE WORLD CARE?

This is not hyperbole. If only it were. The Bal Thackerays, the Narendra Modis, these are not hollywood or bollywood characters; they are only too real. Just ask the people who have been burned alive by those “fascinated” by Hitler and the like. The dead can tell a lot. Are we the people of the the world listening? The global media is not interested in the storm approaching, and yet if and when the storm hits, then the media will be 24/7 running around with their scoops and interest pieces. Only by then, it will be too late.

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One thought on “India’s “fascination?” with Hitler — “Dear Friend Hitler”

  1. Point taken about the Hindu fascination with Adolf, but I can’t help but think if Hollywood would stop broadcasting Nazi imagery, then he would never be heard of. But, then, Hollywood has its own political agenda in making money- losing Nazi films: to keep the guilt of Europeans however marginally involved with the holocaust alive, and keep support for Israel alive. The best way to kill off Hitler is to consign him to history and stop popularizing him.

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