Why do they hate US?

Why is there so much hatred against USA? Do they hate Americans for their freedoms and prosperity. No, it is because of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine …

israel’s holocaust in GAZA, the recent attack on the aid flotilla,… Not only does israel still enjoy USA’s political and policy support in UN and in all other forums, the US also FUNDS and ARMS israel to the teeth. The same money and weapons which are used to kill innocent men, women and children in the worst exhibitions of shameless inhumane acts of terror. This inspite of the fact that israel humiliates US and treats it as its vassal (See America’s Humiliation).

In the aftermath of the flotilla murders, what is the US going to turn around and do?
Israel asked U.S. to increase weapons supply, Haaretz learns
The US is going to supply huge caches of munitions for the israeli air force. JDAM bombs. The same bombs that were used to perpetrate the holocausts in Lebanon and Gaza and will surely be used in the future for further atrocities. Inspite of US struggling under economic pressures, US will also further increase its emergency stores based in israel. To the tune of $1.2 Billion. The stores include rockets, ammos, armored vehicles. The huge caches of munitions and weapons being stored by israel are an indication that israel is gearing up for a PROLONGED WAR. Murder and mayhem planned to continue for days, weeks, months … All of it being financed by US dollars and US manufactured and supplied weapons.

The question shouldn’t be “Why do they hate US?” It should be “Why wouldn’t they hate US?”


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