America’s Humiliation

America is israel’s slave. US govt. and public supports israel politically, financially, militarily, policy wise, through media … But it is not a relationship of equals. One is the master, the other the puppet slave. Only, it is USA that is the slave and still the american majority public opinion supports israel. US is nothing but a tool, goyim cattle that are to be used to further the cause of zion central on the blood of innocents. Ironically the people who are being used as puppets are so blind that they choose to ignore the strings of the puppeteers. Even when israel overtly and without any inhibitions put the US in its place, the american people still remain in their stupor of ignorance.

Editorial from Daily Dawn

Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t be more arrogant. Hours before leaving for Washington, the Israeli prime minister all but scuttled his scheduled meeting with President Barack Obama, saying there would be no change in his policy on Jewish settlements. It was a well-thought-out reassertion of his policy, because recently he humiliated Vice President Joe Biden when his government announced that the construction of Jewish homes in Jerusalem would continue. The announcement was made while the US vice president was in Israel to make the Likud-led government realise that a halt to settlement activity was essential for a meaningful revival of the peace process.

Again, this is not the first time that the Israeli prime minister has snubbed Mr Obama. Shortly before the US president was to visit Cairo for his epoch-making speech to the Muslim world, Mr Netanyahu made no reference to settlements at all at the joint press conference where the US president had emphasised the need for a settlement freeze if the two-state solution were to become a reality.

Several times in the past, the Israeli leadership discarded elemental diplomatic norms and reasserted its ‘right’ to nibble at Palestinian land around Jerusalem and elsewhere on the West Bank while George Mitchell, America’s special envoy, was still on Israeli soil. In fact, since the Oslo accords were signed in Washington in September 1993, the Jewish population in the West Bank settlements has increased to half a million. The fate of the Obama-Netanyahu talks is more or less sealed. Mr Obama will once again pledge US support for Israel’s security and for record’s sake plead — yes, plead — with Israel to halt all construction activity in occupied territory. Mr Netanyahu is not going to oblige, and Mr Obama knows this. Settlement activity will continue uninterrupted, and the Obama administration will once again meekly acquiesce in America’s humiliation.


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