March 17, 2010 Assortment

$2000 is the value of a human life.
US Raid Kills Two Pregnant Women and Teenage Girl in Afghanistan

The Times of London has revealed US and Afghan gunmen killed two pregnant mothers, a teenage girl and two local officials last month in a botched nighttime raid in the Paktia province of Afghanistan. The raid came more than two weeks after the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan issued new guidelines designed to limit the use of night raids. Survivors said US and NATO officials tried to cover up the killings by claiming that the three women had been discovered bound and gagged, apparently killed execution style. The Times reports the two Afghan men were shot dead while trying to proclaim their innocence. The women were hit by the same volley of fire while crouching in a hallway. One of the mothers killed had ten children, the other had six children. The families were offered compensation of $2,000 for each of the victims.

“US Vice President” Umm must be a typo. Biden is the Vice President of israel, right? On second thought. Does it even matter? šŸ™„
Biden said: “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I also see myself as a Zionist.”

US Vice President Joe Biden was the first visiting foreign dignitary to lay a wreath at the tomb of Theodor Herzl on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem within the framework of activities to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Herzl.

Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, visited Mt. Herzl on Tuesday March 9, 2010. They were accompanied by World Zionist Organization Executive member Adv. Hagai Meirom and Director of the Mount Herzl site Jacob Gispan.

The World Zionist Organization is responsible for the maintenance and development of Mt. Herzl and operates the adjacent Herzl Museum and educational center.

Merom gave Biden a copy of Herzl’s book, Altneuland, a novel devoted to Zionism.
In response Biden said: “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I also see myself as a Zionist.”

Biden said he grew up in a Christian home in which his father taught him about the values of the Jewish people and that they are entitled to their own country. He said he participated in several meetings of the World Zionist Organization and assisted in raising funds for the organization. In the guest book near Herzl’s grave, Biden wrote that he felt “profound respect for the man of vision.”

On June 15, 2010, the 36th Zionist Congress of the World Zionist Organization will convene in Jerusalem, 113 years since the First Zionist Congress in 1897.

Abuse of pain pills by soldiers concerns Pentagon

WASHINGTON ā€” The military is trying to curb the volume of narcotics given to troops as the number of prescriptions for painkillers and instances of drug abuse continue to soar, according to Pentagon data and recent congressional testimony.

Military doctors wrote almost 3.8 million prescriptions for pain relief for servicemembers last year ā€” more than four times the 866,773 doses handed out in 2001, according to data from the Pentagon health office.

One in four soldiers admitted abusing prescribed drugs, mostly pain relievers, in the 12 months prior to a Pentagon survey in 2008, according to the results released this year. Fifteen percent said they had abused drugs in the 30 days before the survey.

NYT: US Had ‘Private Spy Network’ in Pakistan, Afghanistan

The U.S. Defense Department says it is reviewing media reports that a Pentagon official hired private contractors in Afghanistan and Pakistan to track and kill suspected insurgents.

On Monday, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said the report “makes some serious allegations and raises numerous questions that warrant further review by the department.”

The spokesman refused to confirm media reports that officials have already launched an investigation into the matter.

The anonymous officials quoted by the newspaper said CIA officials complained last year to senior Pentagon intelligence officials about alleged “serious offenses” committed during the operation, which was led by Michael Furlong, a civilian employee of the Defense Department attached to the U.S. Strategic Command.

India’s defense shield test fails

India’s bid to bolster its defenses with a missile shield has suffered a major setback, officials say, following a botched test launch this week.

The test was effectively abandoned after one of the two missiles in the operation deviated off course because of a snag in the system, officials said.

The anonymous official, cited by the India Express daily, said the attacker missile, from the Prithvi family, took off normally but, after 20 seconds of flight, veered off its path, unable to reach its required altitude of 68.3 miles.

The hypersonic missile, instead, reached about 43 miles before radar lost track of it when it fell into the Bay of Bengal.

What’s more, the India Express reported, is that as the target went off course, the interceptor missile failed to take off from Whealer Island off the Orissa coast about 45 miles across the sea from Chandipur.

Authorities said an investigation had been immediately begun to determine the causes of the botched defense missile test.

ISPR Release on Hunza Landslide

No 111/2010-ISPR Dated: March 16, 2010

Rawalpindi – March 16, 2010:

Massive land sliding occurred on 4th January 2010 near village Atabad, approximately 109 Kms North East of Gilgit city and about 19 Km East of Hunza City. The slide caused heavy loss to the life and property. Slided material completely blocked River Hunza and also covered about 2.5 Kms long stretch KKH resulting in complete stoppage of all kind of vehicular traffic.

On request of Federal Government, Army mobilized all possible resources to mitigate this natural calamity. Engineer-in-Chief (E-in-C) of Pakistan Army detailed a team of experts to evaluate the situation and propose possible solution to the problem. The team visited the site on 6 January 2010 and evaluated the site conditions.

The team of experts considered different options including use of explosive, pumping and construction of spillway cut to clear the river blockage and to restore KKH. Construction of a spillway cut as deep as possible in the direction of river flow, on top of sided mass was considered more feasible. FWO was mobilized on the site on 20 January 2010 to execute the work, it has completed 350.0 meter long, 60.0 meter wide and 20.0 meter deep spillway as originally planned. FWO is continuing the work with full force to go as deep as possible to reduce downstream folding hazards by reducing the lake capacity.

An option of pumping as suggested by some Foreign experts was also considered and evaluated but it was not found feasible due to practical difficulties at the site. Dr Daved Pately who visited the site from 26 February 2010 to 04 March 2010 agreed with the solution proposed by Designed Directorate of E-in-Cā€™s Branch and appreciated the work on Spillway Cut being carried by FWO.

NESPAK has also been engaged to carry out Dam Break analysis to study the affect of flooding from landslide site up to Gilgit city after the water spillover through spillway cut and subsequently break of landslide dam. NESPAK has almost completed the analysis and will be made public shortly.

Seepage through Landslide dam started in the first week of March 2010 and varies between 3 to 9 cusecs. There is no immediate threat to landslide dam break due to seepage. At present the level difference between water level in lake and bottom of spillway cut (freeboard) is 43.0 meter and daily rise of water in the lake at present is about 0.4 meter which is likely to increase on start of snow melting. FWO is monitoring the situation cautiously to safeguard against sudden break of landslide dam.

Army is also providing boat service alongwith other services to the locals of the area for transportation.


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