Failures getting you down? Keep Trying!

Failing at school? Problems in life, business, career, education? Keep Failing? Feeling down? Thinking of quitting? A nice collection of “50 Famously Successful People Who Failed At First” by

Brief stories of people like Walt Disney, Edison, Harry Truman, Charlie Chaplin, Stephen King, Michael Jordan …
Broken up into Business Gurus, Scientists and Thinkers, Inventors, Hollywood Types, Writers and Artists, Musicians, Athletes.

Failures, setbacks, rejections, putdowns … over and over … They kept trying, kept living, kept on going. So, chin up. Don’t lose hope. You lose, you win; you live, you die; you succeed, you fail; you fly, you fall — Such is Life.

Throwing in a couple of short vids regarding failure:)

So saddle up partner and keep on riding.


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