A brave girl’s story: Family Terror – Suicide Bombers

A 13 year old girl Meena’s story of horror and her brave resistance. Her own family – her father and brother tried to force her to blow herself up. She wanted to help the poor by becoming a doctor instead. They wanted her to kill people and be killed herself. Children of her age and younger were forced into attacks. Her own younger sister was drugged, loaded up with a suicide bomb (with remote control) and forcefully sent on an attack. Meena was beaten mercilessly, but she bravely stood fast. By a chance occurence, she was out of the house when the Army launched an airborne attack on the house. She didn’t know what became of her family, whether they lived or died. She set out alone and escaped.

“People say I have a strong heart. I’ve had to be strong. What can I do? God won’t even let me die.

If my brother gets hold of me, I will poison him and myself.

The Taliban slaughter other people’s children. They turn women into widows. They should be made to suffer too.

I want these Taliban to be burned alive.”

Bombs and beatings: Life among the Taliban

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New video shows Taliban flogging men in Pakistan

These people have nothing to do with Islam or the Islamic concept of warfare. In Islam, the ends do not justify the means. There are very stringent laws of warfare which do not allow for horrors like these to be perpetrated on innocents. Even fighting against the enemy proper, Islam lays down strict rules of moral conduct. Regardless of victory or defeat on the battlefield, Islam does not allow for such inhuman conduct. This inhumanity stems not from following Islam, but from their own depraved interpretation of the religion. It is the 13 year old who knows that her religion does not allow for such bloodshed. It is her family who fell into depravity.
What they are doing is wrong, what US/NATO/ISAF does (which left 142 Afghans dead, many children from the nearby village left orphan, helpless and starving) is wrong. In the end, it is innocent people who are caught in a battlefield where laws and morals have been forgotten and the blood of innocents is flowing.


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