Genetic Engineering Insulin from Safflower

An interesting and promising development regarding Insulin which is of so much importance for diabetics. Scientists at the Univ. of Calgary have successfully produced insulin from Safflower by inserting human insulin gene into the plant. The method is faster than existing traditional methods and crucially is also cheaper. The cheap part should have enormous implications for poorer countries where many are denied diabetic care because of the cost of insulin. Read more below at Popular Science (link below) and also click on the ctv link in that story to get more info as well as a short video. Just 16,000 acres of the flower can meet the world’s annual demand for insulin. The safflower insulin has passed testing on humans and found to be safe so far. The next crucial step will be testing on actual diabetic patients. The tests are scheduled for next year, so this is not a done deal yet. If the insulin successfully helps actual diabetic patients, it could be a most significant and beneficial development.

Insulin Can Now Be Made Cheaply from Flowers


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