Long Live Kashmir — Azadi Insha’Allah

Today Feb 5, 2010 is Kashmir Solidarity Day. The Day has been observed since 1990 to express solidarity for the oppressed Kashmiri people. The illegal occupation and cruelty of India occupiers knows no bounds, but the brave and resilient people of Kashmir refuse to lose hope. India unlawfully occupied Kashmir right after partition when the British left the subcontinent. Since that time, the Kashmiris have risen to claim their freedom and even now the chants of “Azadi, Azadi” (Freedom Freedom) give the Indians sleepless nights. We, the people of Pakistan salute the brave citizens of Kashmir. Insha’Allah Kashmiris will one day live in freedom and the sacrifices of those who have struggled for freedom will bear fruit for their children. Long Live Kashmir, Long Live Pakistan. Azadi, Azadi. The call to freedom can never be silenced by the pointed guns. Murders, rapes, torture … India doing what it can — but the brave Kashmirs continue their march to freedom defiantly and courageously. Their demand is just and backed by UN resolutions. Where are the world powers, the obamas who speak so much of democracy? What are the Kashmiris demanding? Only, that they be allowed to vote for their freedom under an impartial UN plebiscite to chart their future. If they want to join India, join Pakistan or be independent of both … it should be their choice. Isn’t that what democracy is all about? History is on their side, moral argument is on their side, international law is on their side, UN resolutions are on their side … Freedom is their right and Insha’Allah their future.


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