Swiss Anti-Minaret Campaigner Embraces Islam?

The ? in the post heading is because the mainstream world media hasn’t covered this, and as such caution has to be exercised so that one doesn’t inadvertently propagate a misinformation. However, I have looked at some Swiss sites, and I certainly believe that the news is most likely true. / CC BY 2.0

Daniel Streich, an ex-member of SVP was an ardent campaigner against minarets and mosques in Switzerland. But now, it has emerged that he has embraced Islam and has made his decision public. For more, see
Swiss antagonist of minarets embraces Islam
Member of the Swiss Political Party that Pushed for Minaret Ban Converts to Islam

Critics may say that above links are from muslim sources/authors. However, there are two Swiss links in German (one of the languages spoken in the country), which lead credence to the authenticity of the claim.
The Swiss links are,

Ex-SVPler: «Schweiz braucht mehr Moscheen»
Sicherheits-Risiko für unsere Armee?

If you go to Google Translate , copy the text manually and select German to English translation, you can get the gist of the articles. The second article which discusses concerns about muslims in the military mentions,
Daniel Streich ist Militärinstruktor. Und: Er ist Muslim. Das ist kein Einzelfall. Ein Problem für die Schweizer Armee?
Daniel is a military strike instructor. And he is a Muslim. This is not an isolated case. A problem for the Swiss Army?


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