India short on heroes! Pakistan comes to aid

Really, guys if you were short on heroes of your own; all you had to do was to ask 🙂
Indian army chief has also gone deaf in one ear and with some of his recent statements seems to have lost his marbles as well. If indians want, we could gladly furnish Kayani’s photo in his stead for future publications. He looks much better than the clownish kapoor.

Ad scan in link below
Former Pak air chief’s photo in govt ad

The UPA regime today found itself in a deeply embarrassing situation following the inclusion of former Pakistan Air Force chief’s photograph in a government advertisement, prompting the PMO to tender an apology to the nation and order an internal inquiry into the lapse.

Furore in India as PAF former chief’s photo appears in govt ad

A former chief of the Pakistan Air Force on Sunday created huge media furore in India, though the reason was rather innocuous and unrelated to the recent intensification of tensions between the two countries over cricket and terrorism.

The photograph of a smartly turned out Air Chief Marshal (retired) Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed in his full air force uniform was one of the most prominent images in an advertisement issued by the Indian government through major media and news outlets.

News website, television news programmes and talk shows in India were outraged. Headlines on television screens were asking if India lacked its own heroes to instil the message in the advertisement.

But Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, who served as the chief of air staff between 2006 and 2009, was amused when Dawn talked to him about his image appearing in the Indian government advertisement.

“Maybe I have got on to the nerves of someone there. Maybe the fact that the Pakistan Air Force went on high alert in 2008 (against India) is still present in the back of somebody’s mind there,” he added.

“But we should not try to see and read too much into it. At the end of the day it is just an innocent mistake.”

He, however, said: “What matters to me more is that I am seen as a hero in my own country. It is the recognition by the people of Pakistan that really counts (for me).”


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