Free Ebooks — The University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide Library’s collection of classic works of Literature, Philosophy, Science, History, and Exploration and Travel.
“Please note that we do not provide text books, or books still in copyright!”

United States and EU users should be mindful that there are some works which are public domain under Australian law, but are still under copyright for US/EU because of their copyright laws. See disclaimer below.

Copyright Disclaimer

Under Australian copyright laws, copyright in literary works of authors, who died before 1955, has expired. These works are now within the “public domain” in Australia and this is why the University is able to reproduce such works on this site. HOWEVER, works may remain copyrighted in other countries. If copyright in the work still subsists in the country from which you are accessing this website, it will be illegal for you to download the work. It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws in your country.

More FAQ

* Literature (From Homer to Orwell),
The Classical Age, The Hellenistic Period, Roman Empire, The “Dark” Age, Renaissance, The Age of Enlightenment, Revolution & Romanticism, Realism — Naturalism — Symbolism, The Age of Uncertainty
* Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy
* The Gothic Novel
* The Greek Dramatists
* Crime and Mystery
* Russian Literature
* Travel and Exploration
* Philosophy
* Science
* History
* Gastronomy / cookery


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