Alliance of War Criminals Incorporated

Good to know that US is keeping its puppet master happy by adding to US stockpiles on israeli occupied territory. After all, can’t be running the risk of being caught low on stockpiles when murder of innocent men, women and children is at hand.
“Washington’s staunch ally Israel could have access to the weaponry and ammunition in an emergency but only with US approval, said a defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.”
Real funny. Good one. Maybe they got mixed up and meant to say that US could have access to the stockpile in emergency but only with Mr. Zion’s approval. When every tom, dick and harry of US government and

military is falling over themselves at the drop of a hat to kowtow to every israeli demand – be it economic, military, foreign policy …- then “US approval” is really nothing more than an attempt at keeping face. Partners in the holocaust of palestinians … Good ole’ US and zionism central israel. Murderers of Gaza, Murderers of Fallujah, Murderers Inc. of the world. Alliance of the true terrorists. The genocide of Palestinians by way of siege underway by israel with US blessing. Food, medicine, water, everything being denied to a starving population under the pretext that siege is necessary so that no arms are smuggled into Gaza. And yet at the same time US is funding israeli arms, sharing US tech + weapons with them, arming them to the teeth. No problem in starving an entire people so that a couple of guns might not make it through to an oppressed people, but no qualms in arming the murdering israelis whose creulty and inhumanity was laid naked to the whole world thanks to the genocide in Gaza. Regardless of faith or nationality, people from around the world recognized israel as the war criminals. But to the US, poor oppressed israel is just such a noble partner.

US to store more weapons, ammunition in Israel: official

WASHINGTON — The US military plans to expand its stockpiles of weapons in Israel under a recent agreement with Jerusalem, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday.

The deal will double the value of military equipment kept on Israeli soil from 400 million to 800 million dollars, Major Shawn Turner told AFP.

Tensions with Iran over its nuclear program were not an impetus for the agreement, he said, noting that the US Congress initially authorized the expansion in 2007.

“This is not in any way related to Iran or the current situation as the authorization was from 2007,” he said.

Washington’s staunch ally Israel could have access to the weaponry and ammunition in an emergency but only with US approval, said a defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The agreement was first reported in Defense News.

The stockpile in Israel, which dates back to the 1990s, includes missiles, armored vehicles and artillery ammunition. The US military stores weapons in allied countries, including Israel, Gulf states and South Korea, as a precaution for possible operations.


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