Blackwater/Xe & Somalia

Blackwater publicly announces interest in fighting in Somalia. Gotta keep the big bucks coming.
Blackwater: We’ll Fight Somalia’s Pirate
Blackwater Steps Up to Take on Somali Pirates

Blackwater-Xe in Somalia?

Reuters reports a spokesperson from the Islamist Al-Shabaab group in Somalia claiming that the US mercenary group Blackwater/Xe Services is in Somalia, is recruiting and is planning a series of spectacular terrorist attacks against civilians to discredit his movement in Mogadishu.

“US agencies are going to launch suicide bombings in public places in Mogadishu. They have tried it in Algeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan”. He added that the target will be the market of Bakara. The source apparently warned a meeting of tribal elders that Xe Services (formerly Blackwater) has entered Somalia and has already started recruiting operationals to carry out its attacks.

If it is okay for a crusading (<– see note below as per testimony of former Blackwater employee) Merc Force to go active globally in multiple theaters of war and kill people including civilians with impunity and with no application of international or local law on proven war crimes; well then doesn't this qualify as a global terrorist movement just like the global ones US says it is hunting at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in places such as Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Blackwater is based in US, is trained in US and has spread to locations all over the world dealing in murder for cash. So, how about drone attacks on North Carolina? Shouldn’t the terrorist camps in North Carolina be dismantled? Christian extremists? Murderers for hire? War Criminals? If you can get away scot free by killing 17 Iraqi civilians in a market, then aren’t those above labels appropriate? Mind you, the Iraq incident was just one incident. The dark or rather black deeds of the mercenary Xe are an ever growing list. If even the public war crimes have no repercussions, then what to say of the dark deeds and incidents that have not made it to the public eye. The blood being spilled by these cash hungry killers – Where is the UN and the “international community” now? I would say, “where is the US?”, but since US is hiring them to do their dirty work, then maybe the question simply doesn’t apply. The Americans claim Taliban leadership is in Quetta and Karachi and looking to expand drone attacks further in our cities; these crusader mercs were and are hired and handled by the neo cons and military, so after north carolina, drone attacks should also be expanded to pentagon and white house should also be levelled, eh?

Note on crusading element as per above paragraph,

Also, Quotes from the evidence given by form blackwater employee mentioned in above vid (pdf scan be found on wikileaks)

“In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia”

9. Mr. Prince is motivated to engage in misconduct by two factors” First, he views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.
10. To that end, Mr. Prince intentionally deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian supremacy, knowing and wanting these men to take every available opportunity to murder Iraqis. Many of these men used call signs based on the Knights of the Templar, the warriors who fought the Crusades.
11. Mr. Prince operated his companies in a manner that encourged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life. For example, Mr. Prince’s executives would openly speak about going over to Iraq to “lay Hajiis out on cardboard.” Going to Iraq to shoot and kill Iraqis was viewed as a sport or game. Mr. Prince’s employees openly and consistently used racist and derogatory terms for Iraqis and other Arabs, such as “ragheads” or “hajiis.”

Blackwater == Murder with impunity
impunity in this world. In the next, GOD will bring to account all deeds, all murders, every single drop of blood. No immunity there.


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