400 Million Gallons Industrial Waste discharged into sea Daily!

400 million gallons of industrial waste pour into our sea DAILY. I can’t even imagine what 400 million gallons looks like. 1 gallon = 3.785 Litres. Now multiply that 1 gallon by 400 million of toxic industrial waste. Can’t even imagine. The effects on human life, coastal life, sea life, the waterways, environment … Drinking water, seafood, water in our environment … exposed to such large scale contanimation DAILY.
BTW Wolfram Alpha mentions that 400 million gallons is 1/330 the volume of water in Sydney Harbor (which is approximately 500 gigalitres). So, if we are dumping 400 million daily, then in less than 1 year we are dumping more industrial waste in our seas than the volume of water in Sydney Harbor.

‘400m gallons of industrial waste discharged into sea’

ISLAMABAD: Over 400 million gallons of untreated industrial waste are being discharged into the sea daily and the city district government of Karachi is finding it difficult to handle the situation because of lack of funds, Environment Minister Hameed Ullah Jan informed the National Assembly during a question-hour on Monday. He said the city government needed Rs13 billion to set up four treatment plants under the K-III project, adding that the Sindh government had arranged Rs7 billion, but was still looking for additional resources.

The project is aimed at treating over 300 million gallons of effluent daily. Apprehensions have been raised about poisonous effects of industrial waste on seafood collected from coastal areas of Karachi.


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