January 8, 2010 Assortment


Free Dictionary Quotation of the Day Jan 8, 2010
He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all.
Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)


Ten die as violence erupts in Karachi

Karachi held hostage by terrorists of another sort. How come London doesn’t bring terrorists and murderers like Altaf Hussain residing to account? Justice? War on Terror? The criminal and terrorist lives cosily in asylum in the UK since 1992 even though the list of his and his cronies’ crimes grows longer with every passing day. Sad that terrorists like him hold an entire community, a city, a province and a country hostage through their violent and gruesome activities.


Double standards galore. If it had been a Pakistani bowler, all the guns would have come out in a heartbeat. But if the color of your skin is white and you come from England rather than Pakistan, then surely it must be just an innocent little remodeling of the ball. Right 😉

Ball-tampering row: England lucky to escape ICC censure: Vaughan

“They were lucky to get away without an official reprimand or even a ban because there was no doubt in my mind that they were trying to change the condition of the ball.”

Vaughan also accused the world governing body of double-standards, saying there would have been a furore if, for example, Pakistan had been involved.

“If Shoaib Akhtar or Mohammad Asif had been pictured using their fingers on the ball, there would have been uproar.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that, if a Pakistani or Indian bowler had been caught doing what Anderson did, we would have said he was cheating,” Hussain wrote in the Daily Mail.

“I do not think the International Cricket Council have covered themselves in glory here,” he added.


India gearing up for war with more acquisitions. Pakistan military planners are hopefully on the ball regarding these developments.

Indian Army to get Night-Vision Goggles for Helicopters Pilots

“The Army is now hunting for advanced night-vision goggles (NVGs) for its pilots flying helicopters like Cheetahs, Chetaks and Dhruv advanced light helicopters to ensure they can operate effectively after sunset…”

India Submits Letter of Request for Potential Boeing C-17 Order

The Boeing Company announced today that the U.S. government has received a Letter of Request from India’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Indian Air Force regarding the potential acquisition of 10 C-17 Globemaster III advanced airlifters.

A tactical and strategic airlifter, only the C-17 can carry large combat equipment and troops or humanitarian aid across international distances and deliver them directly to small austere airfields anywhere in the world. It can land combat-ready troops on semi-prepared runways or airdrop them directly into the fight. The C-17’s ability to back up allows it to operate on narrow taxiways and congested ramps. With a payload of up to 170,000 pounds, the C-17 can take off and land in 3,000 feet or less.


Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+

Nice talk about some common traits of people across the globe who live to be 100+. States that these are myths – “treatments can slow aging” and “If I try really hard, I can live to be 100”. The talk is not about any magic treatment or cure; it is about lifestyle, diet, philosophy of life shared by these individuals and communities. Talks of how older people are celebrated in these communities which is good not only for aged parents but also for the young children of the family.
Simple diets,
not overeating, the 80% eating rule,
natural activity,
friends instead of isolation system,
instead of retirement a reason for waking up in the morning – reason varies from martial art, fishing for family, at 11:20 in video for a 102 year old reason for living — great great great granddaughter. Beautiful. A difference of over 100 years between baby and the one holding the baby.
Taking and making time out for God, Society, Nature regularly. Importance of faith.
Some interesting people —
A 97 year old multi millionaire doing 20 open heart surgeries every month. A 103 water skier.
At 15:56 in the vid the 9 common habits are listed. Some include — Exercise comes naturally as part of daily chores and routines.
Importance of taking time out of life for prayer/meditation.
Plant diets mostly but don’t exclude meat.
Importance and Value on Families, aging parents, keeping the right company.

As a Muslim, of course the wine part is haram and inapplicable for us. And of course, we believe that life and death is in God’s hands. We die when our time is ordained. But it doesn’t mean that we should ignore healthy lifestyle and habits. As a matter of fact, if you see these traits, there is so much common between Islamic teachings and these traits. e.g. the 80% rule in the vid says that don’t eat till you are full. In Islam, in many prophetic traditions the value of eating less than full stomach has been mentioned. In daily prayers salat/namaz, we have a regular timeout where we are supposed to break from the world and focus on worshipping our Creator. Family values, respect for elders, social ties, keeping good company — all these aspects are repeatedly mentioned in our teachings. The simplicity of life, the humanity of it. Islam calls us towards salvation both in this life and the next.


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