Resources 3/4: Mathematics

In this part — a collection of Mathematics resources — hopefully useful for those seeking to learn/refresh high school, pre-college and university level maths. For Students & Adult learners, Autodidacts. Focus is on helping get up to speed to university level maths, but higher level resources are also listed. Lectures, courses, videos, textbooks…

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by Gerard Hooft, 1999 Nobel Prize co-recipient Physics
Needed to put this link in 1 of the 4 lists, so might as well add it here even though it is physics.

How to Become a Pure Mathematician (or Statistician): a List of Undergraduate and Basic Graduate Textbooks and Lecture Notes
The most common errors in undergraduate mathematics
KHAN Academy. My post about this here
Computational Engine. Solve algebra, calculus + many other maths and non-maths problems by inputting into the wolfram engine
Free online tutorials for highschool and first-year calculus students
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
College Preparatory Mathematics
West Texas A&M Univ. college algebra. Tutorials 2 – 13 cover the prerequisites to College Algebra. Tutorials 14 on cover the College Algebra concepts. Intermediate and beginning algebra tutorials also available
College Algebra Telecourse
Study College Algebra. Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Sciences, Languages … also available.
Understand basic math and algebra, as well as advanced math topics like calculus and statistics. Science and other subjects also available.
A section containing a variety of resources for students studying AS/AL Maths.
Preparing for University Calculus at Atlantic Canadian Universities. Free PDF booklet available. It is intended to familiarize students entering university, or about to take a standard university calculus course for the first time, with the mathematical background that will be expected.
Calculus by Gilbert Strang. PDF. Published in 1991 and still in print from Wellesley-Cambridge Press, the book is a useful resource for educators and self-learners alike. It is well organized, covers single variable and multivariable calculus in depth, and is rich with applications. There is also an online Instructor’s Manual and a student Study Guide.
Notes on first-year calculus
Welcome to the APUS / West Virginia Math Video Initiative… classroom instruction using a video medium… Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus + some more videos.
Internet links for tutorials and other resources in various academic subjects
We offer many resources for students revising for their AS and A2 exams including: AS/A2 revision notes and practice questions, revision guides
Algebra Review in 10 Lessons
100 Incredible Open Lectures for Math Geeks
“Just the Maths” by A. J. Hobson. PDF book. Algebra, Surds, logs, algebraic and simultaneous equations, partial fractions, inequalities, series + binomial, convergence/divergence, trig funcs, inverse hyperbolic, lines, conic sections, argand, polar, complex numbers, determinants, vectors (many topics), eigenvalues, differentiation, higher derivatives, maxima, minima, MACLAURIN’S AND TAYLOR’S SERIES, integrals, integration by parts etc., partial diff, ODE’S, Laplace, Z-transforms, Numerical Maths, Probability and many more topics.
Karl’s Calculus Tutor
Jim Loy’s Mathematics Page. Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calc and calculus, number theory, fractals.
James Jones, Professor of Mathematics. Some notes.
This is interactive mathematics where you learn math by playing with it! Algeba, trig, diff., integration, higher calculus (laplace, fourier, infinite series etc).
Free Calculus Notes. They are not quite complete, and they are not quite perfectly polished. None the less, you are welcome to look at them; they do have lots of examples and discussion of all the major topics in a standard one year college level Calculus class.
Brief free notes on Advanced and Higher Advanced Maths. Physics/chemistry as well.
Algebra tutorials and lessons
Multimedia lessons and courses – algebra, calculus, other subjects
GCSE revision notes and practice questions
Gazinotes are not intended for teaching, but rather for revision. Use Gazinotes when you need to look up a fact or a method that you have forgotten. GCSE, A Level.
Free online ebooks with ads. Algebra and Trig books in Maths section available.
Exploring Precalculus
Elementary Math
Elementary Calculus: An Infinitesimal Approach. This is a calculus textbook at the college Freshman level based on Abraham Robinson’s infinitesimals, which date from 1960. Robinson’s modern infinitesimal approach puts the intuitive ideas of the founders of the calculus on a mathematically sound footing, and is easier for beginners to understand than the more common approach via limits … revised Second Edition was published in 1986 … The book is now out of print and the copyright has been returned to me as the author. I have decided (as of September 2002) to make the book available for free in electronic form at this site. These PDF files were made from the printed Second Edition.
General Math, Algebra, Calc, trig, geometry. Links to lots of sites.
Edgewood College Study Resources
Dr. David Santos (community college philly)
Dave’s Short Trig Course
Langara College – Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Internet Resources for the Mathematics Student
Subject Areas: ElementaryLevel, Secondary&Precalculus, Calculus&Analysis, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Finite&Discrete Math, Probability&Statistics, Applications, Recreations, History, Other
For Junior/Mid High School, For Senior High School & Calculus, Steps for College or Calculus bound Mathematics
Mathematics Review Manual with a brief first-year survival guide for Students Entering McMaster University 2009. Basic to trig to intro to calculus
Mathematics for Mechanics Homepage. Department of Engineering Mechanics, University of Nebraska. Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus, vectors
Topics in Mathematics. High School & College.
Maths Wikipedia
GOOD SITE. We have setup mathcentre to deliver mathematics support materials, free of charge, to students, teachers, lecturers and everyone looking for post-16 maths help. mathcentre gives you the opportunity to study important areas of pre-university mathematics, which you may have studied before or may be new to you – the maths you know you’ll need for your course. Leaflets, teach yourself, revision, exercises …
Math Study Guides. Pre-algebra, Geometry 1,2,3, Algebra 1,2, Trig, Precalc, Calculus AB, BC 1 & 2
Math 222 Second Semester Calculus. Methods of Integration, Taylor’s Formula & Infinite Series, Complex Numbers, Diff EQ., Vectors & Functions
The Free Lecture Notes Page. First Semester Calculus, Second Semester Calculus + some more
Math Reference Tables
Math Open Reference. Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Coordinate Geometry
Real Mistakes from Real Student Work and Math Facts Students Should Know. Algebra, Trig, Calculus
This is a help resource for 4th through 8th grades.
Algebra Index, Calculus Index, Math Index, Trig Index, Formulas, Trigonometry Review, Integration by Parts, U-Substitution
Math Resources by Subject. K-12, College, Advanced
Math for Morons Like Us – A math tutorial/reference covering Pre-Algebra through Calculus
Math Resources – Tutorials, Formulas, Calculators, Directories
Math Camp – Lectures. Univ. of Washington. Algebra Review, Functions & Limits, Diff, critical pts., integration, diff eq., matrix algebra, linear eq., set theory, probability, cdf, pdf, distributions
The Lehman College Calculus Webpage. Trig Review, Precalc Review
Topics in Calculus
Lecture Notes For Most Math Classes Taught at Lake Tahoe Community College
Higher Level maths – revision & study website
GCSE, SAT, A Levels
Mathematics Student Resource Center. College Algebra Review. Basics upto binomial and sequences
GCSE Maths Section, A-Level Maths Section (Pure Mathematics, Statistics & Mechanics Revision Notes)
Free Math Videos. College Math, High School Math, Middle School Math, Just for Fun
OCW Mathematics
Miscellaneous Maths Notes
Math Help & Learning Resources. Algebra, Geometry, Seth theory, Trig, Matrices, Vectors, Calculus
Online Mathematics Textbooks. Georgia Institute of Technology. George Cain.
Oregon State Univ. Web Study Guide. Algebra, Diff and Integration Review, Sequences and Series, Vectors, ODE
Paul’s Online Math Notes. “The intent of this site is to provide a complete set of free online (and downloadable) notes and/or tutorials for classes that I teach at Lamar University. I’ve tried to write the notes/tutorials in such a way that they should be accessible to anyone wanting to learn the subject regardless of whether you are in my classes or not.” Algebra, Calculus I, II, III, Linear Algebra, Diff Eq., Algebra/ Trig Review.
Pre-Algebra. Numbers, Integers, …
Pre-Sessional Maths. Brush up your maths. Loughborough University Faculty of Engineering Pre-sessional Mathematics Refresher Programme. “Check list” for pdf format content.
Precalculus & Calculus NOTES and TESTS. Ken Kuniyuki. San Diego Mesa College.
“Math Help”. Department of Mathematics – Pellissippi State.
Precalculus Problems Website. University of California, Davis.
Precalculus Tutorial.
VERY NICE SITE. Preliminary Topics, Beginning Algebra Topics, Intermediate Algebra Topics, Advanced Algebra Topics, Solving Word Problems, and the beginnings of trig.
Refresh your High School Math skills
Algebra in simplest terms. A video instructional series on algebra for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 26 half-hour video programs and coordinated books.
Maths Course Materials. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Mathematics Undergraduate Courses. Rutgers. Some course materials and syllabi.
FREE GCSE and A-level revision
S.O.S. MATHematics is your free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations! The perfect study site for high school, college students and adult learners.
Texas State Univ. Student Learning Assistance Center
This review was developed by the math department at Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado and used with their permission. Arithmetic, elementary algebra, college level math.
JAMES STEWART. Review PDF’s available.
Textbooks in Mathematics. Alex Stef. A list of links to useful mathematical textbooks available for free on the Internet. They are all legal and maintained by their authors or by the legitimate publisher. +General Mathematics +Number Theory +Algebra, Algebraic Geometry +Topology +Analysis +Geometry +Mathematical Physics +Probability Theory
+Applied Mathematics +Miscellanea
The Calculus Lifesaver: All the Tools You Need to Excel at Calculus. Adrian Banner
PRINCETON Univ. Press. Free Videos. Book is not free but Table of Contents can act as guide for self learning students.
Resources For The Calculus Student
Lawrence Spector. Arithmetic, plane geometry, algebra, trig, calc. Borough of Manhattan Community College.
Finite mathematics & Applied calculus On-line Tutorials
Harvey Mudd College. Pre Calc, Single and multiple variable calc., linear algebra, first order DE.
University of British Columbia Department of Mathematics. Course Notes.
UMich Ugrad Math Prep Module. prerequisite skills module.
Mathematical Lectures using slide shows and videos
By Roxanne Byrne
University of Colorado Denver, Downtown Campus
Algebra Review, algebra, limits, derivatives, integration, infinite series (tests, convergence), vectors, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Univ. of Idaho Math Center
Univ. of Melbourne. Applied Mathematics (Advanced). Lecture notes on integration
Lecture notes on ODEs, numerical methods, applications, second order ODEs, applications, sequences & series
free university lectures » mathematics. Video, notes
free lecture notes
Thomas Ward. Algebra, trig, functions
Washington University Undergraduate Program Old Exams. Calculus.
Whatcom community college. Online math centre.
Wikibooks:Mathematics bookshelf. Introductory and Higher Maths
Wolfram. Maths Resource
Math eBooks.
Thinkwell Video Learning. Algebra, PreCalc, Calculus I


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